With 112 CLFPs, First American Equipment Finance has the largest number in the industry. The company values the certification and uses the enhanced knowledge base to better serve their clients.

Laura Eichenseer, SVP for the Professional Services Division at First American, received her CLFP designation in 2013. She was one of the earliest First American employees to earn the designation and still values the four letters. She commented, “becoming a CLFP afforded me an opportunity to expand my technical knowledge of the industry. I have gained the confidence to truly be a resource for clients, providing valuable insights to help them grow their business.”

Karen Pomazal, SVP of Marketing at First American, was a member of the most recent group of employees at First American to receive the designation. She said, “I have been involved in the equipment leasing industry for many years, but wanted to increase my understanding of the business outside of my specific area of focus. Preparing for the CLFP provided a rigorous framework to achieve that goal.”

The CLFP is the only leasing industry certification program in the world.

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